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Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

This term’s work focuses on going beyond limits  – specifically about dreaming big, working towards your dream, and having a purpose bigger than yourself.

We would also work on accountability within the group.

The text for this term is The Dream Giver: Following Your God-Given Destiny by Bruce Wilkinson. (the Kindle version is acceptable)

In these Youth Leadership sessions,  we explore issues such as confidence,
resilience, facing our fears, working  with values, speaking in public, and so much

Our intention is to break the barriers that hold us back from creating the outcomes
we desire, as well as understanding the unique contribution that each of us can

Comments from participants:

“I realised that everything someone says to me that is negative doesn’t mean that it is true.”

“I have learnt that fear can just be a belief that holds you back.”

“These sessions taught me that only I can overcome my psychological fears and also to be my own original self without fear of judgment.”

“I have learnt that fear is just a mindset, and it prevents you from doing the things you want”

“I have learnt that I was not born with limiting beliefs, but people and situations put them there. I have also learnt to be my authentic self”

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