About the Webinar

Being Super-Prepared for a Successful School Year!

Saturday 16th October @ 2:00 pm

Do you want to equip your teens with techniques and tools to succeed in school?

On Saturday 16th October, at 2:00 – 3:15 pm, we will be hosting our fourth free webinar in the Youth Leadership Series.

You may be aware that I have been working as a consultant with Companies, Adults, and Teens for several years. Apart from my academic achievements, I am also certified in Leadership and Life Coaching.

My team facilitates these free interactive ​webinars with the aim of preparing our future leaders to create experiences of success in their various spheres of influence.

Sitting for long hours may create discomfort. Another highlight of this webinar is a session with our guest, Health and lifestyle coach & Sports and Exercise Medicine Specialist,   Dr. Zynul D. Khan BSc, MBBS, MSc. Dr. Khan will introduce us to some fun exercises that will help improve our performance.  

Here is to your courageous life!

Andrea Kanneh

Ph.D., MBA, MSc, PMP, Leadership and Life Coaching Certification.

Consultant and Coach

Email:  youthlivingcourageously@gmail.com

Website: https://youthlivingcourageously.com/